Not all bound books are compliant!  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives does not have an approval or certification process for acquisition and disposition record software. It is your responsibility as an Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to make sure that your bound book records are compliant.

FastBound meets or exceeds all current ATF requirements including the additional requirements of Type 08 / Type 11 Licensed Importers.

Before selecting a bound book software vendor, demand an up to date compliance statement such as the one shown below.

ATF Requirements For Acquisitions

Date of Acquisition
Name and Address or the Name and License Number of the Person from Whom Received
Name of the Manufacturer and Importer (if any)
Serial Number
Caliber or Gauge


ATF Requirements For Dispositions

Date of the Disposition
Name and Address of the Transferee
If the Transferee is a Licensee, the Name and License Number of the Transferee
Alternatively, the Regulations Permit the Dealer to Record the Serial Number of
the Form 4473 if the Licensed Dealer Serially Numbers the Forms 4473 and Files them


ATF Requirements For Theft/Loss

FFL's Must reflect the theft/loss as a disposition entry
The disposition entry should indicate whether the incident is a theft or loss
ATF Issued Incident Number should be Indicated
Law Enforcement Incident Number Should be Indicated


ATF Records Requirements

All data entered into the computer system must be recorded into the database and
cannot be capable of being edited or modified at a later date without generating
an audit trail. The software system must retain any correction of errors as an entirely
new entry, without deleting or modifying the original entry. The system may allow
for entries in a notes column to explain any correction.
The system must have a reliable daily memory backup capability to protect the data
from accidental deletion or other system failure.
The system must meet the regulatory requirements for recording pertinent information.
The system must allow queries by serial number, acquisition date, and name of the
manufacturer or importer. Commonly recognized trade names may be used when recording
the manufacturer/importer in the firearm description.
The FFL must periodically print all records from the system. Specifically, the records
must be printed: (a) at least semiannually, (b) upon request of an ATF officer,
(c) when the database is purged, and (d) when the license is terminated Printouts
must be retained until the next printout is prepared. The printouts must be limited
to only the information required and specified by regulation.
The FFL may download the required acquisition and disposition records to portable
storage devices such as Compact Discs (CDs), Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs), and
USB Flash Drives, instead of conducting the periodic printout of those records,
provided that the FFL presents the records in a printed format at ATF’s request.
ATF recognizes that printed records take up space and are not as easy to search
as records maintained in a digital format.
The computer printouts must contain firearms in inventory as well as all firearms
transferred during the period covered, sequentially by date of acquisition.
The system must record both the manufacturer and the importer of foreign-made firearms.
Printouts may include antique firearms, but cannot include other merchandise. However,
antique firearms must be identified as “ANT” in the “firearm type” column.
The name and FFL number (if licensee) or name and address (if non-licensee) of the
supplier/consigner and the purchaser/transferee must be included in the computer
data. An ATF Form 4473 transaction number may be used in lieu of the address for
recording the transfer of a firearm to a non-licensee if the Forms 4473 are filed
The system cannot rely upon invoices or other paper/manual systems to provide any
of the required information.
All required records including acquisition and disposition records, must remain
at the licensed premises.
Upon termination of a license, the FFL must provide an American Standard Code for
Information Interchange (ASCII) text file (in conformity with industry standards)
and a file description, in addition to printouts of all records, to the ATF Out-of-Business
Records Center.


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