• Create Contacts from FFL

    Easily create contacts from just an FFL number

  • FFL EZ Check

    Checking FFL status couldn't be easier

  • most recent dispositions

    FastBound puts important information where you need it

  • importers

    Type 08 / Type 11 FFL Licensed Importer Compliant

  • search

    Advanced inventory search capabilities allow you to search by any combination of bound book fields at once – great for creating detailed, fine-grained reports

  • disposeattach

    Unlike paper bound books, FastBound allows you to save important documents right in your bound book

  • acquire

    FastBound's streamlined, task-oriented work flow does not mimic antiquated paper books or processes

Why FastBound?

FastBound is the leading ATF-compliant electronic bound book software available.

Not only is FastBound easy to use it's reliable, safe, and secure!

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Best Value

FastBound is the leading ATF compliant FFL bound book and offers the most features for your money.

Safe & Secure

We are proactive about securing your data. FastBound runs on your computer making it compliant with the latest ATF ruling.

Need Help?

We always hear how easy FastBound is to use but if you do get stuck don’t worry, our friendly staff is here to help!

Try FastBound for free

FastBound is reliable, secure and easy to use! Try FastBound and find out why thousands of FFLs including manufacturers, buying groups, distributors, retail stores, dealers, pawn shops, collectors, and law enforcement use FastBound every day. There are no contracts and you can cancel any time. We are always working hard to keep your business!
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